Monday, 6 August 2012


This weekend I took the kids to Walmart. I always go to the craft area to see if there are any good deals. They had some cricut cartridges on sale!! I pick up 2 one for me and one for a give way on the blog. Picked up some craft stuff for the kids too. I got home took all the craft stuff downstairs put it on my craft desk. Then went upstairs to put the rest of the stuff away. You know that moment when your so busy and you realize that the kids are being to good and there hasnt been any fighting or crying :s so I start calling for them and find out they are downstairs. I go to make sure they are all Okay and find them in the Walmart craft bag :s with everything opened!!! My 6 year old had scissors out and had opened EVERYTHING!!!! Both cricut boxes, there was glitter all over the floor and paint all over my 2 year old daughter. Then my 4 year old son says "mommy we just wanted to make you a card" how can I get mad at that. So just a heads up the cricut cartridge I will be giving away in the next few weeks will not be sealed or in the box bc they destroyed both boxes :( kids will be kids.

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