Friday, 14 September 2012

Mystery Box Challenge Even

I Cant believe this weekend has finally come, Its the Megan Elizabeth's (from Above Rubies Studio) Mystery Box Challenge Event.  It is going to be lots of fun and i have had so much fun making my challenges.   Each participant purchased a box full of items to be used in 5 challenges during the event.  Here are my first two project that i made!

Challenge #1

In challenge #1 we had to Create a Card using the stamp technique in the "My 123 Stamp" DVD and materials from the Mystery Box.   Here is my card that i came up with 

Challenge #2

With Challenge #2 we had to uses all 9 blocks on a sheet of Paper Layerz, create 9 mini scrapbook layouts.  Also, you must use the matching sheet of Paper Layerz to create embellishments for the mini layouts.  I made a scrapbook page for my youngest son.  I used one sheet of Paper Layerz for the base and the other sheet to create the frame for all the pictures. I can say i used both sheets for paper layers :) 

I hope you enjoyed my first 2 challenges.


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  1. hey they look great. I am also participating in the event. i just started following your blog. please check out mine.